PELLET boiler

KRP-20 KRP-50

Alternative & Economical





Heating and hot water by pressing a button. Highest Performance. Environment friendly.
Kiturami with 50 years of experience in the manufacture of boilers, created in collaboration with GANGWON University the most successful green pellet boiler.
20+1 Reasons to acquire a Kiturami Pellet Boiler KRP.
Heating and hot water supply by pressing a button.
Plenty of hot water, during winter and summer.
High overall efficiency of the boiler 92%, for major economy.
Easy to use, the only accompanied by a room thermostat with self-detection of malfunction which controls and adjusts the operation of the boiler.
Large heated boiler surface.
Automatic power fluctuation system, to prevent frequent restarts.
The only one with its own multi room control system for heating and hot water.
Unparalleled design.
Convenient dimensions, with large pellet storage room (300kg).

Easy to install. Easy to clean.photo2

Real Safety because it disposes: Ignition system that prevents the inversion of flame. Protection against water overheating in the boiler. Lack of water detection in the boiler. Protection against electric shock. Detection of overload of the pellet bolt. Avoiding increase of the latency temperature. Advanced antifreeze system.
Warranty Three years warranty is granted on the boiler and two years on the remaining parts.

PELLET boiler
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